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Wiki of Johny Sagariga


Johny Thomas, the founder of Johny Sagariga Group of Companies is an eminent person in the entertainment industry with the music title“Johny Sagariga” and film production house “Johny Sagariga Film Company”. As an astute businessman, hedons many hats and delivers on multiple roles.


Johny Thomas was born to V.D. Thomas in Cherthala a suburb of Alleppey in the South Indian state of Kerala in 1959. Born in a family of entrepreneurs with many business establishments, Johny Thomas started his career helping his father in his business.At a very young age, he showed passion for music and painting.  His innate fervour for music persuaded him to collect gramophone records of different genres of music which was a herculean task to find in the local town during that time. He travelled all the way from Cherthala to Ernakulam to collect the records of all music releases then. In 1984 he started his novel venture- a Music Store named Johny Sagariga  in his home town. The unique tag was a concoction of his name ‘JOHNY’ and the musicnotes ‘SA GA RI GA’.


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